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Our skin is the largest organ in our body and we absorb more through our skin than we do through our mouth, so it only makes sense that we make sure that the products we put on our body are healthy and safe.

As someone with chemical sensitivities I had to give up wearing make-up many years ago as most of the ‘natural’ make ups I purchased I reacted to. Even though the packaging said natural and environmentally friendly as soon as I put on mascara or blush I would react to either the ingredients or the fragrance that was used.

Zorah lip gloss

Last month I was introduced to a wonderful high end organic cosmetic line called Zorah Biocosmetiques– I was skeptical when the woman asked me if I wanted to try a dab of hand cream, but I tried it and guess what, no reaction. I then tried the mascara and again no reaction. I soon learned that this Canadian company used Argan oil as the main ingredient in their products along with only fair-trade, organic ingredients.

The story goes that Melissa Harvey one of the creators of Zorah was in Morocco with an international organization when she discovered the amazing properties of Argan oil which has been used for centuries. This oil which is unique to a tree that grows in Morocco is rich in antioxidants, essential fatty acids, vitamin E and sterols. It moisturizes and nourishes the skin and is used in skin products, as a dietary oil and in pharmaceuticals. Argan oil helps to penetrate the skin and Zorah’s creams help to reduce and control issues such as:Zorah Maeva

  • rosacea
  • acne
  • skin irritations
  • eczema
  • cracked skin
  • sunburn

Upon returning to Canada, Melissa teamed up with Richard Morin and created the environmentally conscious line of organic beauty products called Zorah biocosmetiques. Zorah does not contain any animal products or petroleum and are made with fair trade raw materials, and use only eco-friendly packaging.

They offer a whole line of facial and body care for all skin types- Creams, makeup, exfoliants, moisturizers and even all natural lubricants for hydrating and nourishing intimate areas during sexual activity. Zorah Biolala


Zorah length & care mascara made of pure black mineral pigments and organic argan oil, snagged the Best Mascara of  the Year title for 2015 at the Clean Beauty Awards.

Zorah Mascara










Do you use natural cosmetics and skin products? And are they really natural?

If you are looking for organic, healing body and skin products be sure to check out Zorah biocosmetiques



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