8 Ways Your Fridge Is Making You Sick

8 Ways Your Fridge is Making You Sick


So how often do you clean your fridge? If you’re like me you avoid cleaning your fridge like the plague, but did you know that your fridge is a great breeding ground for bacteria, like E coli, listeria and salmonella?

Our fridge is not really something we think about cleaning, after all doesn’t it just store our food for us?

Actually, there is an art to keeping our food cold and healthy. Placing certain types of foods in certain areas will save us money and even keep us from getting sick.


Ways to keep your fridge healthy:

  • Keep the door closed, leaving it open while you unpack your groceries enables warm air to get in and cause mould growth.
  • When you clean your fridge don’t just wipe your fridge, take all the food out and remove shelves and wash with hot soapy water and a healthy disinfectant.
  • Keep meats on the bottom shelf and make sure they are properly wrapped, as they might drip down on to vegetables or other foods, or leave bacteria on the shelf they are being defrosted on.
  • Buy a fridge thermometer and make sure your fridge is set between 1-4 degrees C.
  • Go through your fridge often, don’t leave food at the back to mould, grow bacteria or go bad.
  • Check best before dates and if they are passed, throw out.
  • Don’t keep open tins of tuna fish, tomato paste or leftover meats. Not being covered properly enables bacteria to grow quickly and can make you sick without knowing it.
  • Many cases of salmonella poison come from your own fridge, so get those rubber gloves on and start cleaning.


So does this article make you want to clean your fridge anymore than before?

Let me know how often you clean your fridge in the comments below.



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Written by: Shirley Plant
Shirley Plant is a nutritionist and the author of Finally… Food I Can Eat, a dietary guide and cookbook for people with food allergies, and those looking for healthy, tasty recipes. Shirley offers dietary counselling and menu planning through Delicious Alternatives.

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