The Wahls Protocol- Healing Multiple Sclerosis

Dr. Terry Wahls, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2000. Trained as a doctor and conditioned to believe that doctors know best she followed doctors orders, took the medications prescribed and yet her condition continued to get worse.

By the year 2007, she was spending most of her time in a zero gravity chair- she was 52 years old.

Dr. Wahls did not want to be defined or limited by her wheelchair and as time passed by she realized that conventional medicine was not going to be able to help her. She tapped into functional medicine ( a way to address underlying causes of disease using a systems-oriented approach engaging both patient and practitioner in a therapeutic partnership looking at the interactions among genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors).

Physicians treat symptoms yet they cannot cure chronic diseases- or can they?

Dr. Wahls set forth a plan to heal her body of MS through diet, exercise, reducing toxic load, supplementation and stress management. Not only did she stop the progression of her disease, she reversed it. She got her life back, is no longer confined to a wheelchair, and can now ride her bike once again. She continues to research and help many in the field of autoimmunity.

The Wahls Protocol is about hope. “You don’t need to be a victim to your disease, you can slow, even reverse it”. Medication can’t take away your autoimmune disease, but your body can health itself, if you give it the tools it needs.


It makes sense that if your cells don’t get the nutrients they require to function properly and aren’t protected from harmful toxins, they will wilt. Our genes do play a role in our health, yet epigenetics is now revealing how the environment surrounding our genes literally turns on and off our genes.

DNA actually plays a very small role in whether or not your develop a particular disease. Its the environment that determines which genes turn on and off your risk factor. Environment determines seventy to ninety percent of the risk of developing autoimmune conditions, heart disease and mental health issues. ‘Environment‘ means what you eat, what you drink, what you breathe, how you move, even how you think. This is what determines your overall health.

The key is knowing how to shift the odds towards achieving optimal health. In other words your genes are not your destiny.

So if you already have a chronic disease its not to late to reverse it. Changing and correcting the environment of your cells can slow and even reverse illness.

So how do you change your cell environment? Not by eating the Standard American Diet ( SAD), but by eating organic real foods, lowering your toxic load, exercising, using the proper supplements and reducing overall stress.

All this and more is covered in Dr. Wahls’ book, The Wahls Protocol. It is a guide that will lead you on an incredible journey towards better health.

Why not challenge your beliefs and everything your doctor has told you about autoimmune illness.

Learn more about the biology and biochemistry of your body so you can give it the best shot at wellness and control your future health. Become an empowered patient and to find out more about The Wahls Protocol bu clicking here





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Written by: Shirley Plant
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