Embrace “the change,” feel your best and, most importantly, tell your menopause woes to hit the road.

Join us for the first-ever Live Online Menopause Wellness Summit with Shirley Plant.

If one or more of these symptoms is happening to you, check out the Menopause Wellness Summit.

8 healthcare experts weigh in on how to not only survive menopause but also thrive through it.

In these up-close and personal interviews, you'll receive the knowledge and best strategies for making peace with your body during this transition.

Plus, ask the professionals your most pressing questions and get the answers in real time.

Why attend?

  • Take a deep dive into why your emotions, body and feelings are changing
  • Recognize how to deal with the weird and wacky changes happening to you
  • Hear from healthcare professionals with expertise dealing with menopause
  • Tap into the tips and advice to help you sail through “the change”
  • Get your most pressing questions answered in real-time sessions with the experts

This summit is ideal for...

Anyone going through perimenopause or menopause – or anyone who has a loved one going through “the change.”

Average length of perimenopause is 4 years,
with a range of 4 months to 10 years.

Dr. Josh Axe, DNM,DC,CNS

Meet the speakers

These speakers will be available live, and answering questions. A video recording will be available.

Meet your host

Shirley Plant is a nutrition coach, wellness advocate and author of Finally... Food I Can Eat! and Finally... Paleo Food I Can Eat!

For the past two years, Shirley hosted The Eat Real Food Online Health Summit where she interviewed over 80 top health experts from around the world on how food, along with the mind body connection, can heal the body. Topics ranged from healing autoimmune conditions naturally, to the power of fermented foods, to helping children get off ADHD medications, and meditating with world-renowned guru davidji.

Shirley knows first hand how illness can take hold of your body. Having been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and multiple food and chemical sensitivities in her early twenties, it took many years of struggling and realizing that western medicine did not hold the cure she was looking for.

After years of studying nutrition and energy healing, Shirley was able to make the changes needed to allow her body to heal. Now she shares how wellness can be attained by anyone and everyone.

Shirley was chronically ill for so long that she transitioned into peri/menopause in her late 30s, experiencing first hand how debilitating some of the symptoms of "the change" can be.

Eager to share what she learned, including which natural therapies work best, she created The Menopause Wellness Summit.

Please join Shirley and the experts in this incredible summit dedicated and designed just for you.

Learn more about Shirley by visiting her website Delicious Alternatives.

Reserve your spot now - seats are limited!

When you secure your spot today, you'll also receive these bonuses:

Video Interview: A Healthy Skin Diet — Comparing Conventional Skin Products Vs Organic — What You Need To Know

It takes only 26 seconds for chemicals in cosmetics and skin care products to enter your bloodstream. In this video interview with David Brooke international model and co-founder of Skin Essence Organics, you'll learn how to care for your aging skin and what to look for on skincare product labels.

Video Interview: Tips For Eating Healthy While Traveling & Running A Successful Business

Instagram expert and business owner Sue B. Zimmerman knows that demanding work schedules, family and frequent travel can be a handful. Competing demands can force healthy eating to take a back seat. Leveraging her strong background in nutrition, Sue shares tips on how to eat healthy, plus how to get back into nature to re-invigorate your life.

Video Interview: The Estrogen Window — Is Estrogen Therapy Good or Bad?

Dr. Mache Seibel, MD., American's leading wellness and menopause expert explains how to minimize menopausal symptoms, and how and when to take estrogen to lower your risk of heart disease, dementia and breast cancer.

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