Paleo eCookbook: Finally… Paleo Food I Can Eat!

How I healed my body through the mind-body connection and a Paleo lifestyle.

Recipes free of grains, legumes, dairy, refined sugar, eggs and almonds.

Finally... Paleo Food I Can Eat!- includes over 90 tasty, Paleo recipes for breakfast, lunch, snacks, mains and desserts the whole family will enjoy!

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Has your health practitioner recommended the Paleo Diet for optimal health? Mine did and the results were miraculous. After years of chronic pain, migraines, and blood sugar issues, I noticed that I had less pain, more energy and I no longer experienced blood sugar dips throughout the day. As I said, it was miraculous.

But, there is a "but..."

The one problem with the Paleo diet and recipe books I've purchased over the years is most recipes contain eggs and almonds — two foods I need to avoid. Many of my nutrition clients remarked they also had issues with eggs and almonds so I set out to create a unique new cookbook.

My latest cookbook embraces Paleo living but includes recipes free of eggs, and almonds. It also introduces many vegan dishes that add more vegetables to your diet.

I am thrilled that Dr. Terry Wahls, M.D. wrote the foreword to my cookbook. She is living proof that a Paleo diet, along with increasing your intake of green vegetables, healthy oils and organ meats, allowed her body to heal from progressive multiple sclerosis.

Dr. Eva Selhub, M.D. physician and internationally recognized expert, author and consultant in the fields of stress, resilience and mind-body medicine dedicated a chapter on how the mind-body connection plays a dramatic role in how we can heal and maintain a healthy body and mind.

Some of the great recipes included:

In my practice, to achieve an individualized, therapeutic dietary plan, it often requires layering multiple approaches together. For example: an individual with metabolic syndrome requires lower carbohydrate/lower sugar. If they also have an autoimmune condition, we layer on Paleo principles. If they have food allergies, intolerances or sensitivities, we further remove those problem foods from their (already limited) base program. If not done correctly, this dietary approach could easily foster nutrient insufficiencies (and taste awful!). It takes a good deal of experience and attention to get it right.

Enter Shirley Plant.

I am extremely appreciated of the massive amount of work Shirley has put into her new cookbook, Finally….Paleo Food I Can Eat! Shirley is making my life as a clinician SO MUCH easier by layering  difficult dietary changes together into a single, do-able, delicious cookbook. Further, Shirley bridges the Mind/Body piece and reminds us all that it’s essential to keep our food clean, simple, organic and GMO-free.


Kara Fitzgerald, ND IFMCP

Clinic Director, Sandy Hook Clinic

Finally, easy Paleo recipes without almonds or eggs, thank-you Shirley!


Shirley's cookbook is an amazing resource for patients who have food sensitivities and are recovering from gastrointestinal issues and autoimmunity. I have personally tried many of the recipes and find them deliciously appealing and practical to make.

-Dr. Jill Carnahan, MD

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