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Naturally as a cookbook author I am always trying new recipes. Some recipes turn out and others not so much. I have to admit that I am not a bread maker and most of the gluten free, dairy free, egg free breads I have tried over the past few years has been less than adequate.

So I have been on a quest for the best gluten free bread in Ottawa, not an easy quest. Over the years I have tried many gluten free breads and have been disappointed by most. Now that I follow a Paleo diet, it isn’t such a big deal for me, but a lot of my clients like bread and I really want to be able to suggest a healthy, tasty gluten free bread.

A month ago I was at the Brewer Park Farmers Market and I happened to notice a booth that offered gluten -free brown rice bread. I looked at the ingredients and they looked pretty good. It did contain eggs, so not great for me, but I figured I would buy it for my husband to try. He usually says “please stop buying gluten- free bread, it is never any good.” This time he said, hey, this is good bread, so it caught my attention. The next week I was at the Westboro Farmer’s Market and I saw the booth where I bought the bread and I asked them if they made an egg free version and to my astonishment they said yes, yippee, sign me I am eager to try it!

Fast forward to today and I have tried their egg free version and their egg in version. I like them both. They are both good, really good, and what is best about them is that you can eat it as is. They are light and fluffy as is and don’t need to be toasted, or slathered with something to cover the gluten free taste. It isn’t dry and crumbly and you can make sandwiches with it. Eureka, a decent gluten- free, dairy- free, egg -free bread.

Today, I had a piece of it slathered with mashed avocado. It was sooo goood!!! What a treat, thank you Mat and Eric for perfecting gluten- free, egg free bread!

Kulture Bread 1

I gave a couple pieces of each loaf to my neighbour as she also follows a gluten free diet and I wanted to get another opinion before I wrote this blog. Here are her comments.

Bread review

When I first sampled the eggless bread, I was sure it would be my favourite but, guess what? It isn’t. I really like the lighter fluffier bread made with eggs. It was so unlike other GF breads I’ve tried before — the consistency and taste are very similar to traditional loaves of bread. It makes me think I’m eating a regular (not sugar-laden gluten-free) bread from a Farm Boy or other grocery store bakery. I also tried toasting both types. They were even more delightful with some butter on them! Finally… bread I can eat, thank you!


Kulture bread 2JPG

So there you go a winner all around. Be sure to visit Mat and Eric @ Kulture Foods bread at either of the farmer’s markets this summer. They also offer  other delicious gluten free goodies at the markets: pies, tarts, cookies, dehydrated vegetable chips, jams, kombucha and hamburger buns. Their breads are available at Thyme and Again on Wellington and Les Aliment Quatre Soeur, Promenade du Portage. You may reach them at


Kulture Food 3





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Written by: Shirley Plant
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