Gluten- Free Lunch Ideas

Gluten Free Back to School Lunch Ideas call Shirley Plant for a consultWith back to school and  back to work looming I thought I would share some of my ideas for lunches.

I love lunch and find it easy to put things together, but I know a lot of you struggle with what to send your child to school with that is nutritious and healthy. Here are a few of my suggestions- let me know in the comments below if these ideas have helped you to pack lunches in your household.

Sandwiches- Don’t need to contain bread- but if you really want bread check for healthy gluten-free breads that contain quinoa or millet flour, chia seeds or flax- stay away from rice flour and starch as they simply turn to sugar in the body. I find most gluten-free bread has to be toasted so if you are okay with that go for the standard sandwich route. Try wrapping your sandwich mix in large lettuce leaves or steamed cabbage leaves. I use long English cucumbers as bread and line them with salmon, tunafish, or ham or turkey slices, roll them tightly in plastic wrap and voila a cucumber tunafish sandwich. You can also check your local health food store for flax wraps. We bought an Excalibur dehydrator and make our own flax wraps for sandwiches which makes lunch prep much easier.

Avocado- Pack an avocado with a knife and spoon and voila, lunch- well maybe you need something else like some sliced meat, or a salad,for me a whole avocado with a dash of sea salt, drizzle of olive oil and lemon juice is a great fast lunch.

Muffins- Healthy homemade muffins are great made with added seeds for protein- click here for my favourite sweet potato muffin recipe.

Oat Muffins- Chock full of healthy oats, eggs and blueberries they are great for a breakfast on the run or even lunch- click here for the recipe.

Salads- Salads are great for kids, they can make them or have little individual containers with cut up vegetables, carrots, cucumber, pickles, cheese, leftover bacon or chicken. I love chicken cut up with celery and apples.

Hard Boiled Eggs- Super for a lunch on the run, or for kids with some olives or a pickle on the side.

Skewers- Skewers filled with cheese, fruit, veggies are a fun lunch item for kids.

Meatballs or small cupcake sized meatloaf- meatballs make a great lunch. I like to make mini meatloaves in my muffin pan so they are the perfect size for lunch.

Chicken Nuggets- Leftover dinner is great for lunch and kids love these pretzel chicken nuggets- grab the recipe here.

Stuffed Celery- Stuff celery with cream cheese ( if you child is lactose intolerant) try the new Daiya cream cheese spreads and top with cut up olives

Hummus, bean dips or salsa with veggies or corn chips- Homemade or store bought hummus and salsa are a fun lunch for kids, packed with rice crackers, corn chips and cut up vegetables. Click here for my red pepper hummus recipe

Soups & Chilis- Homemade soups or chili packed in a thermos. Check out Healthy Planet, Soups On or Pacific Brand Soups.

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