The 2015 Eat Real Food Health Summit

Get the facts, tips and knowledge you need to feel well, avoid illness and heal your body, simply by Eating Real Food!

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The summit has now ended, but you can still purchase these amazing audio and videos from over 35 top medical experts in the field of health and nutrition, plus get all the cooking demonstrations and all the added bonuses.

With more than 35 video & audio presentations about how eating real food can help you avoid and even reverse illness, the 2015 Eat Real Food Health Summit is ideal for everyone.

Begin your path to better health and disease prevention NOW!

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  • Learn from top medical specialists, nutritionists and health foodies why it's so important to eat real food
  • Explore how functional medicine combines the best of traditional and alternative therapies to heal the body
  • Learn time-saving tips on how to shop for and cook with healthy whole foods
  • View entertaining and informative cooking demos with nutrition experts
  • Hear stories about people who've healed their bodies from debilitating conditions by eating real food

Who is this Summit for?

Everyday people who are:

  • Interested in improving their diet, but aren't sure where to begin
  • Overweight, pre-diabetic, or suffer from, depression, anxiety, allergies, irritable bowel syndrome, cancer, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, or other medical conditions
  • Concerned about their family history of heart disease or diabetes and want to learn ways on how to prevent these illnesses
  • Planning a pregnancy or feel their hormones are ruling their life
  • In the healthcare industry and are interested in learning more about healing with whole foods
  • Looking for the latest research on how foods can heal their body naturally

What you'll learn

• Which foods are playing a role in your health, including the ones you think are healthy, but are actually wreaking havoc with your health

• How GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) affect your health, and what you can do about it

• Ways to tune into your body to know what it truly needs to feel well and have boundless energy

• How to empower yourself to take control of your health

• Ways to decrease hyperactivity and ADHD in children by changing the foods they eat

• How to eat healthy on a budget and learn time-saving tips on food preparation

• Ways to grow your own food in a garden, in container pots or on a rooftop

• Which foods play a role in your sex life and are wreaking havoc with your hormones

• How to read and understand labels and what to buy when you go grocery shopping

• What that weight gain is really all about and how to shed those pounds for good

• How real food will help you to ward off and even reverse disease

How does it work?

By purchasing the Summit you'll receive online access to the Summit and all the amazing audio, videos, cooking demonstrations and added bonuses. Purchase the Summit here


Meet The Summit Experts

Terry Wahls, MD

Terry Wahls, MD- Reversing Multiple Sclerosis with diet & supplementation

Professor of Medicine, Staff Physician and Author of The Wahls Protocol- How I beat progressive MS using Paleo Principles and Functional Medicine
Johanna Lynn

Johanna Lynn- Why we gravitate towards certain foods after a hard day

Family Constellations Facilitator, Hypnotherapist, Mind Body Practitioner
Leanne Vogel

Leanne Vogel- Eat healthy fat & lose the fat

Holistic Nutritionist, Food Blogger and creator of Healthful Pursuit
Dr. Axe

Josh Axe, DC- "Super Foods" for energy

Physician, radio show host, writer and co founder of BurstFIT an interval training program
Dr. Marcelle Pick

Marcelle Pick, RNC, MSN, OB/GYN NP- The connection between food & hormones

OB/GYN and Pediatric NP, advocate for women's health, co-founder of Women to Women and author of Is it me or my Hormones?
Dr. A Junger

Alejandro Junger, MD- Learn how food is information to our cells

Internal Medicine Specialist, Medical Director and Creator of the Clean Program helping patients heal through the power of cleansing
Maureen Faul

Maureen Faul- How diet & a passion can help overcome cancer

Maureen's background in nursing and being a breast cancer survivor helped her to fulfill her mission to help others realize their passion and live their Most Life
Dr. Ellen Antoine

Ellen Antoine, MD- Why detox is critical for overall health

Functional Medical Specialist Dr. Antoine helps her patients address the root issues of illness through diet, supplementation and detox.
Dr. Murphree

Rodger Murphree, DC- Healing fibromyalgia naturally

International speaker, clinical nutrition specialist, & Fibromyalgia expert. Author of Treating and Beating Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Donna Davis

Donna Davis- A plant based healthy cooking demonstration

A Yoga instructor and plant based nutrition coach empowering women to live fully with passion, radiant health,and inner beauty
Dr. Jill Carnahan

Jill Carnahan, MD- Healing cancer and Crohn's with diet & functional medicine

Functional Medical Physician, beating Cancer and Crohn's Disease Jill is a true advocate of healthy living and eating
Margaret Dron

Margaret Dron- How to grow your own organic food at home

Founder and producer of The Gluten Free Expo and Start Growing Food
Dr. Judy Converse

Judy Converse, MPH, RD, LD- Foods role in autism, asthma, ADHD & allergies

Integrative pediatric dietitican specializing in ADHD, autism, allergies, growth and feeding issues. Find her books, blog and other information at
Dr. Carol Osborne

Carol Osborne, DVM- Healthy foods & treats for your dog

Alternative veterinarian, Dr Carol Osborne is the creator of PAAWS (Pet Anti-Aging Wellness Systems) and author of two books. She appears on Good Day LA, The Today Show and Discovery's Animal Planet
Kylie Delfino

Kylie Delfino- Nutrition tips when dealing with cancer

Holistic nutritionist and creator of The Nourished Self Kylie helps clients to feel their best through nutritional education and natural principles, cleansing and detoxification
Mike Mutzel

Mike Mutzel- Why you can't shed those extra pounds, it's not what you think

With a degree in Biology and Applying Functional Medicine, Mike works alongside health care practitioners as a functional medical consultant. He regularly conducts live webinars and workshops. Mike is the author of Belly Fat Effect: The Real Secret about How Your Diet, Intestinal Health, and Gut Bacteria Help You Burn Fat.
Ahlea Khadro

Ahlea Khadro- Loving your symptoms & overcoming food cravings

The founder of Soulstice, a centre for optimal living & rehabilitation through yoga, reformer pilates, meditation and nutrition. Co-author of Loving Yourself to Great Health
Richard Flook

Richard Flook- GMOs & your health

Author, speaker and originator or Advance Clearing Energetics, a process which helps people heal by clearing trapped energy in the body. Author of Why Am I Sick?
Tim Ryan

Congressman Tim Ryan- Join the Real Food Revolution & make a difference

Senator Tim Ryan is an advocate for working families in Ohio's 13th District. Author of A Mindful Nation and The Real Food Revolution his is on a mission to return America to healthy eating, green groceries and the American Farm
Leslie Stone

Leslie Stone, MD, IFMCP- Foods for a healthy pregnancy

Family Medicine Women's Health Obstetrician helping women enjoy and appreciate every stage of life.
Dr. Peter Osborne

Peter Osborne, DC- Which foods may be causing a leaky gut

A chiropractor and board certified doctor of clinical nutrition, Dr. Osborne helps patients find the underlying cause of their illness and addressing these issues naturally
Dr. Michelle Kmiec

Michelle Kmiec, DC- How the mind, diet & exercise play a role in your health

Chiropractic doctor, Dr Michelle Kmiec is the creator of Online Holistic Health and author of Healthcare Freedom Revolution, Exposing Lies, Deceit and Green of The Medical Profession
Dr. Timothy Moore

Dr. Timothy Moore, PhD- Reversing diabetes through nutrition

Dr, Timothy Moore knows first hand how being overweight and dealing with diabetes can be overwhelming. Through education and plant based nutrition he lost 100 pounds and reversed his diabetes. He now motivates his clients to do the same.
Heather Dane

Heather Dane- How to use food to recover your digestive health ( meditation included)

Health coach and 21st century medicine woman, co-author of Loving Yourself to Great Health, Heather combines ancient wisdom with holistic health training offering the most cutting edge prescriptive remedies for your health
Jennifer Fugo

Jennifer Fugo- The dark side of eating gluten free

Founder of Gluten Free School, speaker, advocate of healthy gluten free living and author of The Savvy Gluten Free Shopper, How to Eat Healthy without Breaking the Bank
Rebecca Katz

Rebecca Katz, MS- Foods that enhance brain & memory function

Culinary Translator, educator, speaker and author of The Healthy Mind, The Longevity Kitchen, The Cancer- Fighting Kitchen and One Bite at a Time
Michael Stone

Michael Stone, MD, MS- Methylation & its role in pregnancy

Family Physician, Nutritionist practicing functional medicine helping patients improve their overall health.

Alan Christianson, NMD- How to reset your adrenals

A naturopathic doctor specializing in endocrinology and thyroid issues. Author of The Adrenal Reset Diet and Complete Idiot's Guide to Thyroid Disease.
Dr. Kevin Passero

Kevin Passero, ND- Over the counter drug reactions & healing acid reflux naturally

Naturopathic doctor Dr. Kevin Passero is director of Green Healing Wellness Center and author of The Drug Free Acid Reflux Solution
Michael Dimock

Michael Dimock- Food, farming & health are all linked- what is sustainable farming

Roots of Change Founder Michael Dimock is helping to make changes to the way we farm so to feed the world in a healthy, sustainable way.
Dr. Stephen Sinatra

Pedram Shojai, OMD- Living with 'Vitality' to prevent disease

A renowned author, filmmaker, lecturer and doctor of oriental medicine, Dr Shojai shares his beliefs on how to find balance within the modern word.
Dana Trentini

Dana Trentini- Which foods may be affecting your thyroid

Health Activist and founder of Hypothyroid Mom,Dana's mission is to bring awareness to thyroid issues during pregnancy.
Wendy Myers

Wendy Myers, CHHC, NC- Get your libido back with these foods

Certified Health Coach, Author of The Modern Paleo Survival Guide and Founder of Live to 110
Adam Hart

Adam Hart- How to lose weight, revere ADHD & depression with food

Sociologist and International Business Management Specialist turned Nutritional Researcher. A sought after speaker, author of The Power of Food and creator of Ra Energy
Dr. Deanna Minich

Deanna Minich, PhD, MS, CNS, RYT- How the colors on your plate dictate your health

An internationally recognized lifestyle medicine expert and author of 5 books. Practicing functional medicine she treats the "whole self" and helps people to understand how to eat and live through the seven core symbolic themes.
Dr. Eva Selhub

Eva Selhub, MD- The mind body connection & a healing meditation

Resiliency coach, speaker and mindbody specilaist, Dr. Selhub is the author of 3 books, he latest being Your Health Destiny. She shares how to achieve maximum health and wellbeing through mindbody medicine and our natural environment
Gabriela Rosa

Gabriela Rosa, ND- The 11 pillars for conception & a healthy baby

Leading fertility expert and naturopathic doctor Gabriela Rosa helps women conceive naturally and have a healthy pregnancy and baby.

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Meet Your Host

As a cookbook author and nutrition coach,  Shirley Plant's passion is helping people know which foods fuel their bodies and which ones deplete it. Shirley has helped thousands of people discover that food does play a role in their overall health. She has created online courses that help people to remove the very foods that may be causing them harm.

For more information, please visit her website and follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

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