On average we sit 9 to 13 hours a day. Our bodies are simply not meant to sit for that length of time and with the increase of desk jobs, TV and computer work, sitting is becoming a health hazard. Doctors warn that sitting disease could become the new smoking and that if you sit for more than an hour at a time it is as bad for your body as smoking three cigarettes. Many offices are now offering standing desks, but standing in one position is not really any better than sitting in one position. The beauty of the CoreChair is that with its active sitting technology it was designed to lessen fatigue and discomfort associated with sitting, all while stimulating your muscles, blood flow and strengthening your core muscles. Being physically active in your core chair will help you to stay mentally engaged and more productive throughout the day. I don’t know about you, but I have spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on ‘ergonomic’ computer chairs and obus forms for my chairs to no great satisfaction. You sit in a chair at the store and it seems comfortable enough only a few weeks later you think, this is really no better than the last chair I had. Both my husband and I find that we are less fatigued at the end off the day since using the CoreChair. Designed by Patrick Harrison who has a degree in Kinesiology ( the study of the mechanics of body movements) and who once designed specialized seating for persons dependent on wheelchairs, Patrick sees “a future office where the health and wellness of the employees is the standard precursor to the success of that business.” The CoreChair is always looking for ways to improve and minimize its carbon foot print- which I appreciate as a consumer.

  • The chair is manufactured with recycle nylon material
  • They use 3D knit custom covers this eliminates fabric waste
  • The fabric is made from 100% post-consumer recycled polyester
  • They designed the chair to be durable in order to increase the life expectancy
  • They offer a 12- year warranty on all mechanical features
  • They offer a 60 day money back guarantee

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