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Shirley Plant has lived it and knows how difficult it can be to come up with healthy alternatives when dealing with food allergies, sensitivities and dietary restrictions. Shirley offers a variety of nutritional consulting services and you can connect with her in several convenient ways — in person or, via Skype, phone or Google Hangout.

Get Inspired • Find Foods You Can Eat • Master Your Meals • Enjoy Eating • Feel Better

One-on-One Consult

Put yourself and your health first! Shirley will work with you to explore what you can eat and how to prepare delicious and healthy meals and snacks for yourself and your family. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • A private one-on-one 60-minute session with Shirley via Skype, phone, Google Hangout or in person — if you live in Ottawa
  • A detailed action plan complete with guidelines to get you started
  • Helpful hints for making food preparation fun and easy
  • Expertise on where to purchase products and how to convert favorite recipes
  • Introduction to new food alternatives
  • Assist in pantry evaluation and how to restock your pantry and fridge with foods you can eat
  • A 20-minute follow-up phone call to discuss your progress and answer any questions you might have along your healing journey

Customized Meal Planning

  • Menu planning and customized recipe development focused on healthy, allergy free cooking while taking into account the health information provided by your physician and /or dietician, as well as your preferences and lifestyle demands. i.e sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free or needing to lose weight. Many of Shirley’s clients enjoy having recipes developed specifically to meet their specific needs.
  • Design personal diets- from the complex rotational or elimination diets for persons with many food allergies to five-day menu plans for people looking to reduce gluten, sugar and preservatives

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“Thanks to my one on one dietary consult with Shirley, I was able to figure out how to rotate my foods, plan meals and get back on track- thank you Shirley for answering all my questions and making my life so much easier!” Marlysanne- South Carolina

Discovering Shirley’s book “Finally … Food I Can Eat” was such a relief, as it was hard finding a cookbook that addressed all my food sensitivities. Having a personal consultation was a wonderful experience as Shirley understands all the challenges of food sensitivities and helped me create meals that worked for everyone in my family. Dianne T

‘Your recipes are simple, quick, nutritious, and use ingredients you normally have in the house that can feed your whole family. I’ve never felt so healthy, thanks so much for helping us improve Tom’s and our health! ”
Jennifer Palsson- Ottawa